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Whether it’s on the surface or below ground, mining is a big industry. Thern air winches are built tough to withstand the dust, dirt, grit, grime, moisture, and debris that come with the territory. Thern's complete line of Air Winches available through mdi.

TA2 Air Winches
Capacity: 4700–7200 lbs.
Line Speed: 30–46 fpm.
Travel Dist.: 850–1270 ft.
HP: 7.1


TA2.5 Air Winches
Capacity: 5000–7200 lbs.
Line Speed: 79–114 fpm.
Travel Dist.: 580–860 ft.
HP: 18.3


TA5 Air Winches
Capacity: 11500–18000 lbs.
Line Speed: 30–47 fpm.
Travel Dist.: 810–1,210 ft.
HP: 17.8


TA7 Air Winches
Capacity: 15900–23600 lbs.
Line Speed: 19–29 fpm.
Travel Dist.: 1,150–1,730 ft.
HP: 14.4


TA10 Air Winches
Capacity: 21800–37000 lbs.
Line Speed: 20–34 fpm.
Travel Dist.: 1,390–2,780 ft.
HP: 27