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2 Year Warranty *Optional 5 Year Warranty Available

Thern Worm Gear Hand Winches

Up to 2000 lbs. Capacity

When you need to lift, lower or position a heavy load, Thern’s worm gear hand winches are designed to deliver excellent performance and long life, no matter what your application.


• Machine Cut Worm Gears provide accurate operation and long lasting service.
• Enclosed Oil Bath provides continuous lubrication of gears to minimize wear, except on Model 465.
• Hex Drive and handle are included.
• Automatic Brake Models provide positive load control for lifting. Brake models have a PB or B suffix.
• Corrosion Resistant durable paint finish protects against corrosion in harsh environments.
• Bronze Bearings on most models for smooth operation.
• Large Diameter Drums minimize wire rope wear
• Handles Adjust in length to change force required to move the load.
• Mounting Options include floor, wall, or ceiling. Adapter plate may be required, contact mdi.
• Two-year Limited Warranty

2 Year Warranty important