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2 Year Warranty *Optional 5 Year Warranty Available

WELDED STEEL DRUM with outside flange anchors allow for uniform winding and help extend life of wire rope. Anchors allow cable to be over wound or under wound from either side of the drum.
WIRE ROPE ASSEMBLIES sold separately per customer request.
Two-year Limited Warranty

Thern 4HS Series Power Winches

7,000 - 26,000 lbs. Capacity

Thern 4HS series power winches feature dual stage gear reduction for economical handling of large loads. The combination of helical/bevel or helical/parallel and spur gearing make these winches ideal for applications requiring long travel distances and faster line speeds. Our modular design also means we can quickly customize these winches to meet your specific requirements.


FLANGE MOUNTED MOTOR is a 230/460 volt 3 phase motor, 60 cycle, IP 55, TEFC severe duty, reversible, class F insulated, continuous duty brake motor. Standard motors comply with relevant standards including NEMA,MG1, ANSI, CSA, IEC and ABS.
LOAD HOLDING MOTOR DISC BRAKE is spring set, electrically released for positive load control.
DUAL STAGE GEARING comprised of a helical/bevel or helical/parallel and spur gears, make winches well suited for applications requiring long travel distances and faster line speeds. The heat treated helical/bevel or helical/parallel gear set provides improved durability and operates in an oil bath, enclosed in a high strength cast iron gearcase, SAE class 30. Double-lip oil seals keep oil in and contaminants out. Large capacity bearings ensure long life. Speed reducers meet AGMA standards. Guarded, heated treated spur gearing provides secondary reduction. Grease zerks allow for easy lubrication.
FLANGE STYLE ROLLER BEARINGS are self-aligning bearings with cast housing to maintain smooth drum rotation.
EXTENDED STEEL DRUM SHAFT with both ends captured in fabricated steel frame for optimal strength and security.
ANSI B30.7 COMPLIANCE is available. Please contact the mdi.

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