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2 Year Warranty

Thern Capstan Winch
Liberty Series - 3CP1M-AFS

Up to 1,000 lbs. Capacity

The Thern Capstan Winch delivers portable strength and performance. More importantly, quiet operation enhances team communication for increased productivity. Among other uses, it’s perfect for elevator shaft and cell tower construction projects. The enclosed motor housing, powder-coat finish and corrosion-resistant components ensure dependable operation for many years.

Here are just some of the key features we integrate as standard compared to other winch manufacturers:

Quiet Operation and Long Life
1,000 lb, Capacity (450 kg)
Extremely Portable
Enhanced Safety
Increased Productivity
Two-year Warranty


Thern Liberty Capstan Winch - Product Overview
Installing the Liberty Capstan Winch
Model(s): 3CP1M-AFS

Capstan Performance

* Thern's 3CP1M-AFS winch has a maximum noise level of 80 dBA, averaging 10 dBA less than the competition, when measured at a distance of approximately three feet under similar conditions
** Synthetic rope only. Available for purchase through mdi
*** Load dependent