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2 Year Warranty *Optional 5 Year Warranty Available

Thern C-Series Air Winches

Up to 10 Ton Capacity

Designed in accordance with DNV standards, Thern’s C-Series air winches feature new innovations that make them faster, lighter, safer, more versatile, and more corrosion-resistant than ever before.


• Welded Steel Frame.
• Removable Lifting Eyes.
• Radial Piston Motor.
• Automatic Disc Brake.
• E-Stop as Standard.
• Planetary Gears.
• Neutral Lock Control Valve.
• NORD-LOCK Washers.
• Dual Direction Wedge Cable Anchor.
• Meets ASME 30.7 Requirements.
• Overload Protection.
• High Corrosion Resistance.
• Two-year Limited Warranty
• DNV Type Approval Available
• CE Packages Available

2 Year Warranty important
Models TA2.5C and TA10C are under development

Dimensions for TA5C

Models TA2.5C and TA10C are under development

Dimensions for TA5C

  • Stackable Construction Winch Cage, Protects motor and winch during operation. Movable with forklift.
  • Line Guide, Steel construction and hand operated to help wire rope unwind uniformly.
  • Pressure Roller Bar, maintains uniform winding of wire rope.
  • Mufflers, Single or double available. Attached to the exhaust ports to reduce noise.
  • Filter and Lubricator, Maintains air quality to the winch. Required for warranty compliance.
  • Adjustable Drum Guard, Heavy-duty steel mesh helps protect operators, yet allows visibility of wire rope winding. Adjusts for different rope payout angles. Fasteners and drum guard are coated with Magni 567 or are stainless steel for corrosion protection.
  • Drum Lock, Locks out the drum securely in desired position when winch is not in use.
  • Rotary Travel Limits, Pneumatic rotary travel limits with quick response time, limits travel in both directions.
  • Mounting Pattern Adapter Plate, Match requested existing bolt patterns for convenient winch installation.
  • Automatic Disc Brake, Spring engaged, air pressure released and oil cooled for extended duty cycles and long life.
  • Heat Guard for Brake, Prevents unintended contact with brake.
  • Emergency Lowering Options, Load lowering capability in case of power failure. Options include power diversion and emergency brake release.
  • Multiple Drum Compartments, Allow for multiple line connections and operation.
  • Grooved Drum, For more uniform wire rope winding. A custom option available upon request.
  • Control Options, Winch mounted, full flow remote pendant control valve. Pendant or remote control configurations are hold-to-run and come standard with E-stop. Electric-Over-Air Controls: Electric proportional control. This option not available on standard DNV type approved winches.
  • Marine Grade Epoxy, Applied with a zinc primer for ultimate protection in harsh environments.
  • ATEX Classification, Specially rated for use in explosive settings. This custom option is available upon request.
  • CE Package, Compliance with European machinery directive 2006/42/EC. Includes: single muffler, drum guard and travel limits.
  • DNV Type Approvals Available, Please Contact mdi.
  • Wire Rope Assemblies
  • Wire Rope Primer