First Mate 5122
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2 Year Warranty *Optional 5 Year Warranty Available

Thern 5124 Series Portable Davit Crane - Legacy

Up to 2,000 lbs. Capacity

Thern's 5124 series portable davit cranes can be used for a large variety of smaller lifting jobs. Their simple set-up makes them easy to use and easy to transport, making them ideal for multiple station service. With multiple bases in place, the Thern 5124 goes anywhere you need it.

Lightweight, economical, easy to carry and easy to use, the 5124 is perfect for a wide variety of simple jobs.


• Crane Rotates 360°
• Handle on crane makes rotation easy
• Crane folds down for storage or transport
• Corrosion-resistant finishes
• Rugged and affordable
• Load ratings up to 2000 lbs (227 kg)
• Manual or power winch
• 2-Year Standard Warranty