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No two jobs are alike, so no off-the-shelf solution can be perfect for every application and situation. But that doesn't mean you have to settle. In fact, THERN believes you should never settle when it comes to your winches or cranes. In our mind, the only acceptable answer is the perfect one. Thern produces controls and wire rope assemblies to make your lifting job as smooth as possible. In collaboration with Thern cranes and winches, these accessories could take your operation to the next level.

Electronic Controls from Thern

Electronic Controls

Electronic Motor Controls help to soften your starts and stops to protect your load. They also allow for precision placement and overload protection.

Wire Rope Assemblies from Thern

Wire Rope Assemblies

Wire Rope Assemblies come in variable diameters and lengths with different load capacities. They also feature 3 different hooks for improved functionality for your specific lifting needs.